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    Fabric Items:
    Clothing, shoes, leather, yards of material, and other goods

    Musical Instruments: Trombones, trumpets, French horns, clarinets, marching drums, coronets, bugles, tubas, etc.

    Mosquito Nets

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    Child Sponsorship

    Change the life of a child for only $1 a day! 150 left to be sponsored!

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    Monetary Support

    Each $5,000 donation will go towards:
    Ten (10) triple decker bunk beds OR Reference books OR Medicine bank

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    Simple Options

    Old cell phones and printer cartridges: We get $2 donation for each item which then goes to the school.

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Sylvia's Children

Bring Holiday Cheer to the Children!

The all-inclusive cost to join the trip is $2,500, which includes airfare, lodging, meals and ground transportation. Partaking in the Christmas joy is at no cost. Those interested in joining the trip can contact Sylvia Allen directly at sylvia@sylviaschildren.org or call 732-946-2711.

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Look What YOU Did!!!

Supporters help build a new clinic to meet the medical needs of local children.

Because of you, the supporters of Sylvia's Children, who have faithfully and diligently sent your financial support, Mbiriizi, Uganda now has a brand new medical clinic building! This beautiful building will help meet the medical needs of the community which could not have been done without you!
Thank You For Your Support!

Ugandan Nurse Lydia Nunes Named “Nurse of the Week” by HireNurses.com

To honor this year’s National Nurses Week, Boston-based HireNurses.com named Lydia Nunes, a 28-year-old Ugandan nurse, its first “Nurse of the Week.” Nurses who had been nominated for this honor had to submit a description of their job and why they are a nurse. Lydia’s winning entry was both heartwarming and touched the hearts of the judges.

The first of its kind online recruiting platform for the nursing community, HireNurses.com honored Nunes for the outstanding work she does around the clock caring for and nursing more than 1,000 children, one fourth of which are orphans, at the Mbiriizi Advanced Primary School in Uganda. HireNurses.com has formed an alliance with Sylvia’s Children to solicit health care professionals for upcoming medical trips thereby allowing Sylvia’s Children to fulfill its mission of providing quality health care to the school, its employees, the family members of the children and the village of Mbiriizi in general. Read Story

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Join Us on a Future Trip for Sylvia's Children!

Dates: November 13-20

This is our holiday trip where we put on a Christmas party for the children...gifts, cake, fireworks, you name it. $2,500 all inclusive (airfare from Newark, all airport transfers, hotel, food, guide and transportation for the entire trip, water...the works)! The only extra money you need is for souvenirs! Same as Summer trip without the safari.

Dates: March 17-29

The summer trip is a work trip ending with a safari. $3,500 all inclusive (airfare from Newark, all airport transfers, hotel, food, guide and transportation the entire trip, water...the works.) The only extra money you need is for souvenirs!

Dates: June 16-28

The summer trip is a work trip ending with a safari. $3,500 all inclusive (airfare from Newark, all airport transfers, hotel, food, guide and transportation the entire trip, water...the works.) The only extra money you need is for souvenirs!

Steven Le Vine in Uganda, Africa.
Read about Steven's trip to Uganda, Africa!

Young Muslim Students Spearhead School Wide Fundraising Initiative in South River, Raise Thousands of Dollars for Ugandan Charity

Three students from the Islamic faith-based high school, Darul Arqam, located in South River, banded together on a school wide fundraising initiative, helping to raise $5,000 for Holmdel-based nonprofit Sylvia’s Children, in just three months. The students, Aamina Ali, Sarah Soliman (president of the group), and Hira Ismail, led the group and they raised the substantial funds by holding bake sales, championing high school sports tournaments, donation pleas, and various classroom presentations with fundraising goals for each class. Overseeing all of this was the school’s principal, Iman ElDessouky. Read entire article

Children Helping Children at Vacation Bible School

Shoes donated by children during VBS.

Children who participated in the Vacation Bible School at the Aitkin United Methodist Church collected 137 pairs of shoes for the children at the Mbiriizi Advanced Primary and Day Care School in Uganda, Africa. The project, entitled “Shoes of Peace”, was the brainchild of the VBS coordinators, Celia Doty (pictured standing on left of children) and Julie Hansen.

The VBS was held August 19-23 and ran from 9 to 11:30 am. A total of 15 children ranging in age from 4 to 12 participated in this drive. Sylvia Allen, founder of Sylvia's Children, spoke to the children, talked about how different the living conditions were for the African children and demonstrated how valuable these she contributions were to the Ugandan children, many of whom have no shoes.

Celia, who went to Uganda with Sylvia's Children on their Christmas 2010 trip said, “When our children learned that many children had no shoes at all, when they themselves had as many as 10 pairs, they began to enthusiastically collect shoes and bring them to school.” Interestingly, as people learned about the shoe drive they began to bring shoes to Celia's shop, Modern Beauty. She is still accepting donations and, as she said, “With 1,000 children needing shoes just keep bringing the shoes!” Sylvia's Children 9/16/13. Read entire article

Pop Goes the Week Interviews Sylvia

Sylvia Allen on How She Helps African Children Live Normal Lives

Pop Goes the Week Interview with Sylvia AllenPop Goes the Week interviews Sylvia Allen and writes, "Like many of you, I have never been to Africa, nor do I comprehend half of what is happening in that part of the world without having visited. It is difficult to imagine what that world must be like in real life separate from what I have seen in quick news stories or heard from politicians, who briefly mention their own African voyages during campaign pit stops. Sylvia Allen is the founder of Sylvia's Children, a non-profit charity devoted to helping Ugandan children attain things we take for granted in the modern world, like water, education, health care and books, and e-mailed responses regarding her experiences working with her “children,” as well as chatting the ins and outs of heading the charity and its volunteer work with her biological son and daughter." Read full article.

Sylvia's Children Dance Project

Child gives his own money to help African children.

A Child's Heart Touched by Sylvia's Children

When young Brendon learned of the children in the Mbiriizi Primary School in Masaka, Uganda, Africa, he knew he wanted to help. After talking to his parents, he presented his school teacher with a letter and $125 of his own money to give to Sylvia's Children.
Read Brendon's letter.

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